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Additional Domestic Violence Funds to Help Allen County Youth

Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 07, 2014

Mikaela Conley

With the announcement of domestic violence shelters across the state receiving additional funds this year, the question now is, where is the state money actually going to?

Among the 48 shelters and centers who received additional funds is the Allen County Center for Nonviolence, which provides services for men, women and youth, and supports services for domestic violence victims.

The center received $60,500 for this fiscal year, more than twice as much as the $27,400 they received last year, according to Gary Abell, the communications director for the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.

The additional funds at the Center for Nonviolence have been allocated to the FACES program, in order to keep Allen county youth on the right track of peace, leadership and nonviolence.

“FACES is a school based program starting with young people from kindergarten to fifth grade, for about 20 weeks,” Dawn Witte, finance and development coordinator for the Allen County Center for Nonviolence said, “It’s about teaching young people to prevent future violence before it becomes a real issue.”

A variety of games appear on the curriculum and even music is incorporated, as they try to get children moving and involved in the program.

“It’s very interactive and hands on. You can’t lecture a five year old,” Witte said. “We have to get them invested in it, if they aren’t invested, they won’t want to actually practice what they are learning,” Witte said.

While the program has been started at Fairfield Elementary, Lakeside Middle School, and Arlington, it has not yet met its full potential because of the previous lack of funds.