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Admissions Shifts to Walb Amid Kettler Revamp

Walb rooms 121 and 123 being renovated
By Zachary D. Elick

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Walb rooms 121 and 123 being renovated
By Zachary D. Elick
Written by: Zachary D. ElickMarch 16, 2016

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will soon be moved from Kettler Hall to the first floor of Walb Student Union May 9. Space for the office is currently being constructed in what use to be called the Fireside Lounge: Walb rooms 121 and 123.

The move is a part of a planned revamp of Kettler Hall’s lobby that aims to make it easier for students “to understand how to navigate the university,” Carl N. Drummond, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, said.

Included in the renovations will be a new desk combining the “core services” of the financial aid and registrar offices to be located where the Admissions office currently sits, Drummond said.

“The purpose is to create this really cool one-stop shop for student services,” Drummond said. “This is where we want students to come to when they have sort of a front-line concern.”

More complicated financial or registrar issues can still be taken care of in the full-size offices of financial aid and registrar, which Drummond said will still exist in the same “general area” they do now.

A hallway will also be built beside the new desk,  leading students to other help areas, such as Career Services, the Center for Student Success and Transitions and the Mastodon Advising Center.

The State recently provided IPFW with about ten million dollars for maintenance projects in Kettler, H. Jay Harris, director of the Physical Plant at IPFW, said.

Though, in order to use the money, he said, these projects had to center around furthering “student success.”

When looking to make Kettler Hall’s student services more convenient for students and faculty, the administrative staff of IPFW and Kettler Hall realized Admissions would be better served elsewhere.

“[The Admissions office] is serving pre-students … high school students or people that are wanting to come to IPFW, but aren’t here yet, because they haven’t been admitted,” Harris said. “It’s a different population.”

Being in Walb will provide more space for the large groups of prospective students and their parents that often convene at the Admissions office for campus visits or tours, Harris said.

The university is also using the money given to them by the State to build a road leading up to the Southeast entrance of Kettler Hall. The road will cut through the grass in between the parking lot and the south wing of the building, ending in a roundabout with metered handicapped parking, Drummond said. Providing a more direct route for handicapped individuals would enable this entrance to be more handicapped accessible. Currently, the sidewalk leading up to it does not meet ADA specifications due to its steepness, Drummond said.