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Appleseed Volume 2: Comic Convention Anticipates Bigger, Better Second Year


Photo credit: Appleseed Con

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Written by: Communicator StaffMay 07, 2014

Fort Wayne’s original comic convention, Appleseed Comic Con, will take place May 17 and 18 at the Grand Wayne Center, and according to organizer Zach Kruse, this year will be much bigger than previously.

“This year, I have expanded the show to two days, and it features one of the best creator line-ups that I have ever had,” Kruse said. “If people miss this show, they’re missing an incredible opportunity.”

This creator line-up includes big names like Ed Piskor, who has made the New York Times best-seller list; legendary comic book artist Jim Steranko – who has done work with both DC and Marvel – and well-known indie creator Peter Bagge.

“Fort Wayne has never seen so much live, artistic talent in one place. Artists like Jim Steranko and Peter Bagge literally changed the face of comics and how American culture perceived what comics were and could be. These men are more than artists; they are icons in the comics community,” Kruse said.

Overall, the event will include 107 different creators offering prints, art and sketches, alongside toys, comics and other collectible items.

These attractions, in addition to the chance to connect to and expand the Fort Wayne comics community, hit upon the heart of the Appleseed Con philosophy.

“I want people to come out and experience the medium and become a part of the comics community,” Kruse said. “This isn’t a spectacle or about money – it’s about what I think is one of the greatest modern art forms and the people that have built and reshaped that art form.”

Story by: Laura Rosenbaum