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Assault Victim Advocates Dump on Trump


Photo credit: Monica Young

Written by: Zachary D. ElickNovember 03, 2016

For the organizers of Grab Him by the Ballot, Donald Trump has been a very inspiring figure — just not in the way the 2016 Republican presidential candidate would probably prefer.

IPFW alumna Nicki Meier and her co-organizers were so disturbed about the leaked 2005 tape of Trump bragging about groping women they decided to organize an event highlighting sexual assault and rape culture.

“All four of us that are organizing it are victims of sexual assault, either in childhood or as an adult, and that is why we were so upset by what Trump had said,” Meier said, referring to fellow IPFW alumnae Maria Hogle and Hope Arthur, plus community organizer Lauren Conklin.

Grab Him by the Ballot will be held 2-6 p.m. Nov. 5 in front of the Allen County Courthouse. The event will feature live music, multiple speakers from the community, an open mic where sexual assault victims can share their experiences, and a moment of silence for “collective healing,” according to Meier.

Speakers scheduled to appear at Grab Him by the Ballot include Janet Badia, the director of IPFW’s Women’s Studies Program; Ruaxoi Nun, victim advocate and facilitator at the Fort Wayne Center for Nonviolence; and Hideto Mateyo Tanimura, program coordinator for IPFW’s Resource Center.

The political theme of Grab Him by the Ballot is meant to encourage people who care about preventing sexual assault and rape culture, as well as other social justice issues, to try to make a difference this election with whom they vote for. Organizers of the event are not endorsing any of the candidates, though they certainly advocate against voting for Trump, Meier said.

“Let’s use our voices and say that the Fort Wayne community or Indiana or America won’t stand for this kind of things by a presidential nominee,” she said.

The title of the event was also inspired by the “Pussy Grabs Back” rallying cry of protesters outside Trump Tower in New York City after the release of the tape, Meier said.

Since the release of the tape on Oct. 7, several women have come forth to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.