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Ballroom Dancing Club Will Continue in Summer

Students show off their newly learned ballroom dance skills.

Photo credit: IPFW Ballroom Club

Students show off their newly learned ballroom dance skills.
Written by: Communicator StaffMay 04, 2017

The IPFW Ballroom Club has been up and swinging for over two months now, and students have shown great interest.

“At our first event, we had 23 students come out,” said Ballroom Club president Logan Miller, “and most had never danced a day in their lives.”

The club officially began on Feb. 1 and since then has held many events, including Latin, swing and classic nights.

Miller wants to be sure to let people know that the Ballroom Club is not going anywhere over the summer.

“Holding events over the summer will be really crucial to getting people to remember us,” Miller said.

The club’s members are currently planning to hold two to three events over the summer, including one charity event.

IPFW Ballroom Club would like to partner for an event with Salsa Loca, a dance company in Fort Wayne that provides salsa and bachata lessons, and donate all of the proceeds to a local charity.

Miller said the details for this event are still being finalized, but she thinks it will be a great way to get the community involved and give back.

“A lot of times it is hard for students to get involved during the school year, since they are so busy,” Miller said. But she hopes the summer events will provide them with an opportunity.

Every event the club hosts is open to the public, and they have had a good mix of community members and students thus far. One of the main goals of the club is to get the community involved, Miller said.

The dance instructors are pulled from around the community, and occasionally IPFW students lead a lesson as well.

Since the club just started up in the middle of the spring semester, they plan to have many more events and a set schedule next fall.

“You don’t need a partner or any kind of experience,” Miller said. “Even if you don’t like it, that’s OK, as long as you give it a shot.”

For more information about the Ballroom Club and to stay updated over the summer, visit their Facebook page.