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Basketball Player Profile


Photo credit: IPFW Athletic Media Services

Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 08, 2014

Written By: Brice Vance

As the 2014-15 season is about to start for the IPFW Men’s Basketball team, one player that did not think he would be able to play, Kevin Harden, a senior on IPFW men’s basketball team, has been faced with adversity since he arrived to IPFW.

Harden tore his ACL in practice during the 2012-13 season. He came back last season for 12 games but sat out the rest of the year in hopes to get a medical waiver from the NCAA to play the following season.

But Harden thought his basketball career was over using up all of his eligibility to play, but he was granted a medical waiver from the NCAA to play in the upcoming season.

“When I got the NCAA sixth-year, it was a day to remember for me,” said Harden.

In the last two seasons Harden has played in only 21 games, in which he averaged 4.6 ppg. Although he could not help a lot in the success of the team last year, he wants to contribute whatever is needed for the team to succeed this year.

“My role would be just to help with the mindset of the team,” said Harden.

The Mastodon’s coach, Jon Coffman said Harden’s role for this season is evolving since the coaching staff has not seen his full potential due to injury.

“We are seeing glimpses of what we saw prior to the injury,” said Coffman.

Harden’s leadership has been another part of his game that was noticed by the coaching staff, even during his injury.

“He’s not the most vocal guy but, when he talks the guys listen. He really has a presence in the locker room,” said Coffman.

During rehab but Harden found an outlet to deal with the challenges of rehab. Harden learned to play the piano just by listening to it.

“When I [was] going through my issues with rehab, it was my way to get away and I could just play,” said Harden.

Harden received some tips from his brother, who is a pianist, but said he learned a song and took over from that point.

“I got a good ear for the piano, so I can feel stuff out on the keys,” said Harden.

Harden said his favorite song to play on the piano is “I Give Myself Away.”