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Campus Feminists in Solidarity Hold Movie Night

Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 18, 2014

Erika Brandenburg

On Nov. 17 the Campus Feminists in Solidarity held their second monthly meeting as a movie night in Walb Student Union.

Monica Young, an officer of the feminist student organization said, “We are going to try to do monthly meetings where we show movies or do activities. We are trying to increase the frequency of meetings.”  The group showed a documentary called, The House I Live In. “We want to show this documentary because it brings in issue of race and class which is part of a feminist scope. This documentary talks about an issue that is sort of a big deal in this country.”

The hour and forty-eight minute documentary was shot and directed by Eugene Jarecki and was released for viewing on Oct. 5, 2012. The film is about the mass incarceration, war on drugs, and race/class issues in the United States.

Monica Young said that she hopes that by hosting events that are more relaxed and not so intimidating to new comers, such as the movie night on Nov. 17, they can get people thinking about important issues like racial inequality and “raise awareness” on IPFW’s campus. “We are trying to have more events like this to have people get to know us. This year we are really trying to establish a community of feminists, of both men and women,” said Young.

The Campus Feminists acknowledge the stereotypical assumptions that are associated with the word feminist. Brittney King, a Campus Feminist member said feminist was “the new f-word.” The group understands that the word feminist can be off-putting and Monica Young said, “Our approach to that problem is not to stop using the word, but to try to educate people on what it means, and our interpretation of feminism is obviously not crazy or blowing up buildings, or anything extreme.”

Another Campus Feminists in Solidarity officer, Nicole Black, said “The true definition of feminism is about true equality for all groups, we’re not some elitist group, or man haters.”  The Campus Feminists in Solidarity welcomes all genders and even has men who frequent the events hosted by the student organization. Monica Young agreed with Black and said, “We are trying to do good things for everyone and we promote equality.”

Young said, “I feel this campus in general needs more of an accessible dialogue about feminist issues. The goal of this group is that these conversations about important issues are happening somewhere, conversations about sexism, racism, and social problems. We just want a more open dialogue on campus in general.”