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Carwein Addresses Fort Wayne Senate

Written by: Bernadette BeckerJanuary 18, 2017

Chancellor Vicky Carwein explained her updated understanding of how realignment is going forward at the Jan. 9  Fort Wayne Senate meeting. Purdue President Mitch Daniels wants all ancillary agreements decided by March, Carwein said.

Carwein showed the faculty an infographic of the structure of realignment decision making.  Indiana University and Purdue University sit at the top as legal entities negotiating. The next level is a joint steering committee of IPFW, Purdue and IU representatives and then below them are the working groups comprised of IPFW faculty. Working groups are forming now and cover a variety of topics. At the meeting Carwein solicited faculty input for any other working groups that need to covered or subjects that need attention.

Three particularly sticky topics Carwein broached were athletics, student affairs and the name of the institution.

The realignment agreement was signed with the hope and expectation that both IU and Purdue students would be eligible for sports teams, as is stated in section H of the agreement. However, Carwein said the preliminary conversations with the National Collegiate Athletic Association have not approved that idea. Carwein said now they are petitioning for a waiver of eligibility for current students while still having discussions with the NCAA.

Student affairs, such as the registrar and the admissions process, still needs to be worked out. Student fees will have to be reassessed as well, since IU students would still have access to all facilities and activities. Carwein said it is anticipated that Purdue will administer services and IU will reimburse the school.

Another area to be resolved is the name of the institution once Purdue takes governance. It’s a very important and emotional topic, Carwein said. She believes the name will likely change.

Carwein said it is likely the three health sciences (dental assisting, medical imaging and nursing) will be operated the same way the IU School of Medicine is, mainly that it will be controlled by IUPUI. She also brought up that under the current operation of the medical school, the medical students are barred from IPFW’s graduation ceremonies and must instead go to Indianapolis to graduate. If that model is used, Carwein said, it would create a lot of “separateness.”

At the meeting Dean of the School of Nursing Ann Obergfell said that when the IUPUI Dean of Nursing came to visit IPFW she was unsure as to how operations would proceed.

“They’re just speculating, just like everybody else,” Obergfell said.

“I think the biggest problem is that these three departments are in three different colleges at IUPUI,” Obergfell added. Thus, there will be many difficulties in administering programs.