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Changing Lives Since 1964


Photo credit: Mahir Almandil

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 25, 2014

Mahir Almandil

On Monday, Sept. 22, IPFW officials along with city and state leaders gathered to celebrate the university’s 50th year anniversary.  The event took place at the Walb Union building, where the city’s mayor, Tom Henry, gave a congratulatory speech addressing IPFW’s success in the education business.

Among the speaker was Lowell Beineke, who has been a professor of mathematics at IPFW since the university first opened in 1964.

“There was only one building, Kettler Hall now, and the university has been growing and growing ever since,” Beineke said. “It has been a terrific place to spend my career.”

After the celebration kicked off, the pep band played “Don, the Mastodons Mascot”   in remembrance of local community efforts to get together two internationally known universities in one campus on the grounds of the second largest city in Indiana.

Wendy Kobler, vice chancellor of advancement, who, for the past seven months has been working at IPFW, was able to know what it takes to be a true Mastodon.

IPFW offers not only a degree or two, but rather IPFW offers students the opportunity to choose their school of choice, and be able to switch schools or stay undecided while still attending the same campus.

“No other campus in the nation offers two degrees, with a fifty-fifty percent ratio of students seeking each degree at the same campus,” Kobller said.

With the progress that IPFW has made over the past 50 years, statistics show the high placement of students graduating with a degree from IPFW.