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Chicago Band Defies Definition: Mutts to Play at Brass Rail This Friday


Photo credit: Mutts

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 11, 2013

A rising band from Chicago, Mutts, is hitting the charts with their ability to not be defined as one genre of music. Because of the bands experience with different types of music they didn’t want to be held down by just one sound, hence the name, Mutts. Leading the band is front man Mike Maimone who is the pianist, song composer and singer of the band. Following him is Bob Buckstaff playing the bass and guitar and Chris Pagnani on drums.

Ironically, the members of Mutts came together through another band. In 2009 Maimone was playing piano for Company of Thieves while Buckstaff was the bands bassist. While home on breaks, Buckstaff and Maimone would focus mainly on their own music. After a few drummers, Mutts decided to get serious in 2011 and the two band members found Pagnani, who had been playing for various bands in Chicago.

In 2010, after they released three EPs, Loud Loop Press stated the Mutts were “poised to become one of Chicago’s top acts.” The band hit the CMJ Top 200 at number 107 in 2011 with their debut album, “Pray For Rain.” Keeping the title for six weeks in a row, The Huffington Post named “Pray For Rain” one of the top Chicago albums of the year. Continuing with their success, the band made the Top 200 again with their album, “Separation Anxiety,” taking number 72.

Their latest and first unplugged album, “Object Permanence,” is about the ways people come together.

Maimone stated, “There’s a lot more relationship songs on here [the album] then I usually write, as well as some election-year songs about what happens when people with all different beliefs are forced to listen to each other for a minute.”

Mutts recorded “Object Permanence” in only four days. Straying from their usual style of amplified keys and guitars, the album mainly is comprised of acoustic piano and and upright bass.

“The main message (conveyed through the album) is that things continue to exist when they’re out of sight, whether it’s a person, a group of people, or the planet after we’re long gone” stated Maimone.

“Object Permanence” is available as a translucent-gold 180g vinyl, CD and free digital download through the bands website, muttsmusic.com.

Mutts will be performing with The End Times Spasm Band at The Brass Rail on Sept. 13 at 9 p.m.

Maimone stated, “We’ll be in town early on Friday and hanging out on Saturday before we leave, so you might see us perusing the stacks at Neat Neat Neat or getting grub at CS3’s. We just love us some Fort Wayne, and we hope to see everyone at the Brass Rail.”

Story by: Dana Wireman