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Congress Leaves for Seven Weeks of Vacation

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 18, 2014

Sean Godfroy

Having come back from their summer break for a total of eight days of work, Congress has voted to take the next seven weeks off as well, to resume only after midterm elections have concluded. What’s worse, they did so after giving President Obama only a limited ability to take military action against ISIS. In effect, this means that Congress will be unable to make any military decisions over the next seven weeks, or address any of the issues piling up for them to deal with. For a Congress that is historically more unproductive and unpopular, taking more time off at a juncture like this is expected to bring public backlash. Speculation says that none of the congressmen up for election want their name associated with any sensitive issues this close to elections, which is not unlikely given that many of them admit that much of their time out of Congress is spent seeking reelection funds.

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