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Connecting South Campus Drive with Broyles Boulevard

Written by: Communicator StaffOctober 22, 2014

A $583,000 construction project connecting South Campus Drive with Broyles Boulevard, aims to create a safer  environment for pedestrians and more efficient traffic flow. The construction is expected to be  complete by Nov. 24.

This project began on Sept. 30. “The biggest issue with why we started so late on this project is because anything that costs over $500,000, and this project did, has to go to the state to be approved,” said Craig Campbell, project manager at IPFW.

The project’s approval did not come until June.

“If it were my preference I would have had it started May 6 when you were all out May 5,” said Campbell. Campbell is certain about the Nov. 24 completion date, “It will be done by Thanksgiving weekend.”

The project is to create a thru drive creating a four-lane road which will have continuous traffic leading vehicles to parking lots, parking garages and exits/entrances on campus. By eliminating traffic between parking lots and garages it will make traffic flow from one end of campus to the other quicker and more efficient.

Campbell believes this will be safer for pedestrians, “Campuses are supposed to be built on loop roads to keep traffic away from pedestrians,” said Campbell, “The pedestrians are never supposed to cross a car.”

The idea of lengthening and widening South Campus Drive to connect with Broyles Boulevard, essentially, does exactly what Campbell wants for IPFW. The new thru drive creates a barrier around all parking lots, garages and crossways. Vehicles will now be able to leave the thru drive into a parking lot or garage and leave the thru drive to an exit of campus. This flow of incoming and outgoing traffic on the thru drive reduces most pedestrian-vehicle crossing.

The last phase of this project is to eliminate pedestrian-vehicle crossing at the intersection of Broyles Boulevard and the Willis Family Bridge completely. Campbell received the funding and approval for a tunnel that directs the pedestrians under Broyles Boulevard. Information regarding the underground tunnel and what that construction project will entail will be available soon.

Story by: Megan Mantica