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Construction on South Campus Drive Complete

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 04, 2014

Tessa Garner

The construction project connecting South Campus Drive with Broyles Boulevard was completed last Monday. Craig Campbell, project manager at IPFW, said the project will create a safer environment for pedestrians and more efficient traffic flow.

In order to create a safer environment, Campbell said that campuses should be built on loop roads to keep traffic away from pedestrians and the center of campus.

Assem Nasr, assistant professor of the department of communication at IPFW, drove on the new road the day it was opened.

“Overall if the construction was planned for the sake of student safety, as in having traffic on the outside of campus rather than inside of campus where students are crossing, I think that that is really good,” said Nasr.

The four-way stop at East Campus Drive and Blue Drive has now been eliminated with the connecting of South Campus Drive and Broyles Boulevard. The entrance and exit onto Crescent Avenue has also been shut off permanently with the completion of the project. Both areas have been blocked off using concrete barriers.

Campbell said the city requested they close the exit onto Crescent Avenue due to many traffic accidents in result of cars exiting campus there. Gregory Justice, assistant director of construction at IPFW, said it is a very rough intersection on campus because it was commonly congested but the recent construction should alleviate safety concerns and help with traffic flow.

“The primary reason we are looking at the closures is safety. Safety is more important than anything else. We have had a lot of incidents at both locations,” said Justice.

Campbell said the other reason for closing that exit permanently is to cut out time travel across campus.

“Our campus police have to police Canterbury Apartments as well, so for efficiency factors, they have a lot easier route now to Canterbury with a lot less stops,” Campbell said.

Campbell said now that the project is complete the project managers are monitoring South Campus Drive, along with Engineering Resources and campus police. It is being monitored to see if the project is achieving its goal of increased pedestrian safety and more efficient traffic flow.

Campbell said there is not going to be too much more changed, but striping still needs to be done on the roads. Temporary tape is currently being used in place of the stripes. This cannot be done now due to the weather effects. Campbell said he assumes when they have enough money they will convert these roadways that are now permanently blocked off into green space. Campbell said that this project did not have the budget to include that.