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Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Bans for Wisconsin and Indiana

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 10, 2014

Sean Godfroy

A federal appeals court located in Chicago unanimously decided against the bans against gay marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin on Sept. 4. Unlike other decisions that have cited due process as their reasoning, this one mentioned “equal protection under the law.” True to form, the states plan to appeal the decision and call for a stay of implementation as have almost all others defeated in federal appellate court. It is not currently legal to marry in Indiana or Wisconsin in the interim. With this decision, the Indiana and Wisconsin bans on gay marriage will likely join the list of similar decisions being appealed before the Supreme Court. Other cases are further along in the process, but whatever decision finally comes will apply to all cases in the country. Advocates for the ban were once again vocally unhappy with the decision.

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