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Crosswalk Reconstruction Expected to Make Campus Safer

Written by: Communicator StaffOctober 22, 2014

Expect change in your commute to class next fall as IPFW plans to reconstruct the crosswalk connecting student housing to the main campus. Students and staff complaining of traffic jams will no longer have an excuse for being late to class, as the reconstruction is expected to relieve the flow of traffic and serve as an extra safety measure.

While the pedestrian crosswalk and speed bump were added as part of the Willis Family Bridge project in 2003, they have not served as a reliable safety measures. Greg Justice, Assistant Director of IPFW Facilities, Planning, Construction, and Sustainability said, “Most kids just don’t look before they cross the road and we are really concerned that will create an accident.” The road will be raised slightly, to the current level of the speed bump, and the crosswalk will go underground, beneath the cars. This will limit the confrontation of pedestrians and vehicles.

“We are just hoping to get the kids under the road. With bikes, longboards, and pedestrians going through there, it is really dangerous,” Justice said.

While the plans are still in their initial stages, the design is currently being worked on and the job should be put out for bid in February or March. “There are three different configurations to choose from and we are still trying to figure out which one to use. A cost estimate would be about $650,000, which that seems like a lot of money, but with roadwork, it goes fast,” Justice said. Expected completion of the project is this summer, just in time for the 2015-16 school year.

Story By: Mikaela Conley