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Downtown Fort Wayne

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Written by: Dustin KeeslarMarch 18, 2015

Where do you work?

“I work at Menards.”


What’s it like there?

“It’s Awesome… I work out in the yard; shipping and receiving… I just started working there a month ago. They had a job fair there and I got hired right in the day after that.”


What was it like going to a job fair?

“It was a little nerve-wracking…It was actually the first job fair I have been to. It was okay though, I was prepeared ”

Where were you at before that?

“I worked at Advanced Window Cleaning. They actually do the Grand Wayne Center… You’re basically on a swing.”


Was that fun? or more scary?

“It was scary…”


Is that why you left?

“No I actually got laid off in the winter”