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Education Department Launches iPad Project

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 09, 2015

Written by Mikaela Conley

“Our goal is to help every student in our program to be the best prepared that they can be on the first day of the job,” Terri Swim, Chair of the IPFW Education Department, said.

To achieve this goal, the education department is implementing their new iPad pilot project this semester, with hopes of fully implementing their plan in spring 2016.

The plan will require every student in the education department to purchase an iPad for use in all departmental classes, which will impact roughly 200 students across the various programs, including early, middle, elementary, and secondary education.

The idea stemmed out of faculty focus groups that had been done through the Vice Chancellors office on campus and grew from there.

Part of the decision to implement this project also included looking at the evolving curriculum for local elementary and secondary schools. Swim referred to Fort Wayne Community Schools, who have several different iPad initiatives, and East Allen County Schools who already use the mobile technology.

“Almost every local district uses mobile technology, with the goal of eventually moving to one to one,” Swim said.

An overview of the plan was emailed out to students in the August 10, Educational Studies Newsletter, which states that students will share their learning about iPads during the iPad showcase at the end of the semester.

“The hope is to have all of our students graduating understanding mobile technology, and to promote optimal individualized learning in their future classrooms,” Swim said.

In hopes of reassuring any students who are skeptical about the plan, Swim also added that they will be willing to work with students at the beginning, and also pointed out that iPads can be rented through the student government office.