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Expect a Big Change


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffOctober 10, 2014

What we have been doing has not been working.

As hard as we have tried to make an old way of operation our own we have not been doing the best at it.

It has been brought to our attention by you, the readers, and other members at the university that The Communicator needs a good shaking up – and that is what we intend to do.

As you read through the pages of this issue you might notice that there are shorter stories.

In the past The Communicator has tried to develop the craft of long form journalism, however, that hasn’t been working in our favor.

After numerous problem-solving staff meetings we have decided to take a new, fresh approach. Our goal for this issue, and upcoming issues, is to create a paper with shorter stories that are more relevant, timely and newsworthy. As a result of this you will see more stories that are up to date and more stories in general. You will see more concise writing, and a clearer focus on what is happening in the community of both Fort Wayne and at IPFW.

We hope that you enjoy the changes that we have made.

It is also my personal hope that you respond, react and engage with us as we transition away from the old and into the new ways of working. I hope to see more letters to the Editor and more reaction to our social media, because we exist to inform you and want to know your thoughts and opinions.

It is a very exciting time at The Communicator. A time to take back college journalism and publications and produce content that you want to read. Much like the IPFW community we are celebrating this time in our history to take the reins and produce content that we aren’t just proud of, but content that will best serve you.