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Faces in Fort Wayne


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffMay 28, 2014

Week two of Faces in Fort Wayne is up! Thank you to all who participated.  Our goal is to connect you, the reader, to the Fort Wayne community. Through a series of candid photographs and conversation we hope to portray an intimate depiction of those who work, survive, play, love, try, fail, succeed and live in the city we call home.



“My grand-kids run this truck. They are fixing my supper right now.”
[Communicator] “How do you like being a Grandpa?”
“Oh, it’s the greatest thing there is next to having a child of your own. Yeah I was a barber here for 40 years…”
“Do you still do that?”
“No I’m retired… great people. There were some great people.”
“What’s the best part about being retired?”
“Well, being able to travel, sleep in, I went on a nature hike today with granddaughter and that was nice…”
“What’s the hardest part about being retired?”
“Well, I lost my wife about a year an a half ago so that’s kind of hard, but the hardest part is not overeating. Yeah, it gets a little lonely, but I have a lot of good friends…”
“What do you do to not be lonely?”
“I go to my daughters every Sunday night and I have a few friends I socialize with.. and I have a group I kayak with on Tuesday and Thursday’s…I’m pretty active.”
“How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking.”
“You don’t look 80.”
“Well, I don’t feel 80!”




“Stay motivated, don’t get bored and keep a positive attitude.”
[Communicator] “Do you find it hard to stay motivated and keep positive?”
“Not really. No, not really. I’m a pretty self-motivated individual so that’s not difficult for me.”




[Left] “I like Fort Wayne. I started my recovery here.”
[Communicator] “What did you recover from?”
“I just had a drug problem. That’s about it.”
“What’s been the hardest part of recovery?”
“The fact I live in a halfway house now. I mean, and getting my life straight for my daughter…”
“How old is your daughter?”
“She’s two.”
“What pushed you to get into recovery?”
“Honestly, I got into trouble. I honestly probably wouldn’t have gotten into recovery if I hadn’t. It was just the extra oompf I needed to get into it.”
“Have you lost a lot of friends now after recovering?”
“Yeah, uhm, I see the beauty for what things are now… like you know even a tree is beauty. It’s not just another tree… colors are brigther…it’s awesome. It really is.”


[Communicator] How about you. How long have you been in Fort Wayne?
[Right] “I don’t even know if I wanna answer these now.”








[Communicator] “How did you two meet?”
[her] “Mutual friends. A coworker of mine, long time friend of his, introduced us and we hit it off right away.”
“Was it love at first sight?”
“For him. [laughs] It took me a while. He grew on me.”
“Oh, did you pursue her?”
[her] for a year
“What did you do to woo her?”
[her] Be nice.
[him] “Yeah, really, just be nice.”





“I work no maybe four or five months because I work the evening time because I’m not permanent I’m temporary.” [In reference to residency]
[Communicator] “Where are you from?”
“Sri Lanka.”
“Oh, Sir Lanka! Interesting.”
“Oh you know where Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is a nice country. It’s like an island.”

“Do you miss it?”
“Oh really… all of the times 70s 80s–It’s warmer there… yes it’s a nice country. We have all nice beach, mountain, and green areas.”



“I built my own computer.”


[Communicator] Can I take your photo if you guys step out of the sun?
[Left] You don’t want to shoot into the sun?! Then they will see a silhouette and they won’t know who I am!”



[Communicator] “What’s the best part about being a Sophomore?”
[Front] “Nothing!”
“What do you want to be when you get older?”
” I don’t know. I got a couple modeling places like emails me and stuff so I might look into that.”




[Communicator] “How do you guys feel about people after having worked in customer service?”
“People in general? They all suck. They’re all dumb.”
“I just give people the benefit of the doubt, I guess.”



Interviews: Logan Hursh
Photos: Dustin Keeslar