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Faces in Fort Wayne


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Written by: Communicator StaffJuly 23, 2014

Faces in Fort Wayne will now begin to post new content on Monday as well as our weekly Wednesday updates! This week we stayed on campus for the Freshman orientation and talked to some interesting students (and parents!).




“I’m going to abroad to Japan to study this coming semester.”


[Communicator] What are you most nervous about?


“…Making some sort of cultural taboo and offending people….”


[Communicator] Why do you think that American’s have such a negative perception in other countries?


“….because I think some of the things that our celebrities can get away with they never would be able to in other countries and our media puts it out there and so they think that’s what we’re doing. But then many of us, like myself, don’t really agree with their actions and such and it’s not necessarily true.”


[Communicator] Do you think our society is too forgiving of our idols?





 [Communicator] What’s it like being in theater?



[Left] “Exciting. It’s I don’t think there’s anything I’ve ever experienced   like it because it’s sorta a give and take between the performer and the audience and it’s really a connection that you’re making people feel things and you can feel them feel things and it’s exciting to have that human energy back and forth on stage.”



[Right] “It’s exciting to work with people who are so passionate about the things that you’re passionate about – it’s like everyone is excited to be there.”



[Left] “It feels like a fire and the cast is a whole and you’re throwing it out there…..”



“Do you find it draining”


 [At the same time] Yes! [giggle]


[Right]  “The whole goal of acting is to put your whole self in the show and you want to be tired after the show because no matter how big or small the show you want to put all of yourself into it.



[Left] And a lot of the experience you portray on stage are things people have gone through in real life. So you want to do it a sort of justice, and tell that story of that person of whoever you’re portraying that night, and really just feel the things that they felt and that can be very emotionally exhausting.”


[Communicator] What is the hardest part about being a dad?


“Trying to instill the wisdom I have now onto someone who doesn’t understand what it means yet – how things will affect you later on in life.