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Faces in Fort Wayne: Beer Olympics of West Central (Part 2)


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffJuly 30, 2014

Part one just wasn’t enough! We have more from Saturday’s event in West Central!

The Communicator was invited to attend the Beer Olympics of West Central a self-described “Third Annual First Official” event hosted in the heart of West Central. A group of twenty-something year old West Central dwellers procured a block party permit and hosted a series of Olympic style events for teams to compete in. Food was hosted by Just Put it in Your Mouth catering and the event was open to every and anyone who received a Facebook or word-of-mouth invitation (or happened to hear the noise and wander in).

[Editors note: The  Communicator does not endorse unsafe binge-drinking and the views and opinions regarding the event do not represent the views and opinions of The Communicator.]




[Right] “I like modernism. I’m a modernist. Victorians romantics are my fav. Because, they’re not, they’re not dialogue oriented but they’re like big block paragraphs and shit.”
[Communicator]: What is favorite thing about English. Why is literature important?
[Right]“Because, if you can’t read you’re at a disadvantage. That’s all I got to say. If you learn to speak, no matter what your dialect is , if you learn to speak well– I commend Filipe for learning English..”
[Left]“I’m learning”
[Communicator]: I’m trying to learn Spanish right now. It is very hard….”
[Left] “It’s not too hard you just practices like every, like every—“
[Right]“–I commend it. “”
[Left“The grammar is hard. The grammar in English. Move to Chile. Just move…. I know a lot American guys in Santiago…and a couple guys they don’t speak any, any well in Spanish – Espanol– and they were a English teacher and they took the baths, go to the supermarket and made their whole life completely natural.  No problem.
[Right] “That’s awesome. I’d love to do that”
[Left]“Yeah, you can do it.”


“We actually went around and got signatures from all our neighbors so they wouldn’t call the cops– so it’s somewhat official. [points to neighbors houses] They actually decided to go on vacation. They moved out. Not because of this, it just worked out that way. So, that’s kind of cool.”



[Communicator]: Where do you guys see yourself in five years?

[Left]“Hopefully we’ll be getting a house and have a kid on the way.” [laughs]


[Communicator] Why did you come to this event?

“Uh, ‘cos there’s nothing else to do.”


By: Logan Hursh