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Faces in Fort Wayne: Beer Olympics of West Central (Part One)


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar/ Logan Hursh

Written by: Communicator StaffJuly 28, 2014

The Communicator was invited to attend the Beer Olympics of West Central a self-described “Third Annual First Official” event hosted in the heart of West Central. A group of twenty-something year old West Central dwellers procured a block party permit and hosted a series of Olympic style events for teams to compete in. Food was hosted by Just Put it in Your Mouth catering and the event was open to every and anyone who received a Facebook or word-of-mouth invitation (or happened to hear the noise and wander in).

[Editors note: The  Communicator does not endorse unsafe binge-drinking and the views and opinions regarding the event do not represent the views and opinions of The Communicator.]



[Communicator] How did you find that you were good at cooking?
“Through finding out that I wasn’t going to go to college, basically. I picked up a cooking job and just fell into it naturally and moved up quickly and found out. You know, I’d been cooking with my grandmother when I was a kid and learned all those country style cooking and all that, and then I got the more technical stuff and I was always willing to have people come and pull me to the side. And Paul, like, shows me different techniques and flavors and things that he does and other chefs that I’ve worked with- they’re always willing to share if they like you – that’s a big thing in the kitchen, like, if they don’t like you you’re somewhat doomed. It’s a very, uh, fraternal organization…. The hardest moment was when my son was born and I had to realize that I needed to find a career and position and I had to work my ass off  to try and move up and make some sort of career and livable sort of situation of it.”
[Communicator] Has it been working out?
“It’s a struggle. Like, working in a kitchen is a struggle. You have to be good and you have to be different– you have to provide something that people haven’t seen before. “
[Communicator] Do you feel that you do?
“That’s what I try to do, yeah.”



[Communicator] What do you want out of life? I know that is a loaded question..
[Right] “I want happiness. Happiness is key and I know it is relative.”
[Left] “That’s a pretty good f*cking answer….”
[Center] “I was just telling someone this the other day. Like, it’s weird, I don’t know if it’s–I’m not trying to be anti-feminist, like, the only thing I’ve ever wanted is to be a family- to, like, have my own family. Literally, that’s the only thing I’ve ever wanted.
[All together the other girls talk amongst themselves and tell her that’s she knows what she wants and that’s good. Hard to distinguish what exactly is being said from whom]
[Left] I’m more of, like, a free spirit, like, I go where I go and so whatever I happen to do and move onto in life that’s cool with me.


“…Pretty much I do everything and everything I can — one of those guys that enjoys life… Before that I was a bartender, before that did construction…. jack of all trades! I’m good at many things, but excellent at none…”
[Communicator] How has that doing all of those things helped you?
“It lets me connect with any body and everybody. I mean, I’ve been in everything so I’m not afraid to talk to anyone- it makes me more social now and I love it.”

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By: Logan Hursh