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Faces in Fort Wayne: Campus Edition


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Written by: Communicator StaffJune 11, 2014

The Communicator staff took to the campus this week for week four of Faces in Fort Wayne. Here are what some of the students at IPFW are thinking and talking about!


[Communicator] “Why is higher education important?”

“I think it’s important because you learn so much about students in general and why they are pursuing a specific type of academia. I think the only thing it does is better you as a person– become more well rounded and benefits you in the long run.”

[Communicator] “What’s been the biggest struggle for you as a student?”
For me, as a student, the biggest struggle– It might be a little support system and encouragement. I feel like sometimes that’s something students lack and depending on what type of student you are you might feel that you’re alone, but you  really not alone, but there’s actually people out there that actually care for you, but you just haven’t had that person come to talk to you.”

[Communicator] “Have you had that person in your life?”

“Every now and then I have. Every now and then I have had someone who just kept me motivated and wanted me to stay focused and never give up on it, but you do run into those times where it just is getting difficult, becomes challenging and you just keep focusing on why you’re here and how it’s going to benefit you in the long run.”




[Communicator] “What has been the biggest cultural difference?”
“I guess clothing. I guess for me clothing. I’m so used to my kind of clothing and when I came here it was totally different.”

[Communicator] “What brought you here?”

“Education– brighter future for myself.”

[Communicator] “What is your favorite thing about back home?”

“The entire cultures, it’s beautiful. It’s a very colorful culture. I love how we’re very, how we value family and our, you know, like how can I say it, [notices cameras] you guys are really distracting me! Yeah, family and our, just, respect for olders and for the youngs. I miss it over here. In classes we don’t see a lot of respect for teachers…they take it for granted and back home we have a lot of respect for teachers…over here people are materialistic, over there they aren’t materialistic. They have values. They really hold onto their values.”

[Communicator] “Do you ever feel as if your culture is misrepresented over here?”

“Of course, yes, it’s like always represented with like terrorism, bombs. They’ll put a picture of an attack and, like, with a pic. of an Afghan girl in miserable conditions. So, yeah, they don’t show the happy life how people are still continuing –even if there are a lot of stuff going on back home…”

[Communicator] “Are people ever rude to you here?”

“Yeah, yeah. I get questions like ‘Do you have coca-cola back there? ‘Do you have light?’ They treat us really like, condescending.”


[Communicator] “Can you explain the tattoo?”

“I read a lot of Indian mythology, so I think the lotus is really cool.”

[Communicator] “What about Indian mythology appeals to you?”

“Well I was a religious studies minor, but in general I just find the stories beautiful and interesting. They are complicated in the way they are interpreted I like to look at different interpretations, feminist interpretations.”

[Communicator] “What story is your favorite?”

“I like the story Ablord Dharma. This is very short, very compact. Yudhisthira  travels to heaven in his  human form with his dog. When he gets there the gods say can’t enter with the dog, and he says then I won’t enter because he’s been loyal to me I’m going to be loyal to him and the dog turns into Lord Dharma.

[Communicator] “Why do you  like that story?”

“I guess I just think loyalty is really important, and it’s really beautiful to sacrifice something you wanted to obtain so much for the benefit of someone else.”


“Language Arts is kind of like – it’s all about the subjective personality, I guess. You could see things through various different angles you can’t get through various different sciences…It deals with perspective and how people’s backgrounds influences how they see things. I think that’s what’s intriguing. I think kids need to hear more about that these days especially since we’re getting into this age of science where everything is a certain way, and that’s cool, I guess, but it’s quite limiting. How are you supposed to encourage imagination when you’re trying to get them to reproduce the same thing – the right answers?”

[Communicator] “Why do you think encouraging creativity is important?”
I don’t, really, I mean, I don’t know if its important. I don’t know, we live and we die and the only thing that rests in between is how we live our lives, and if you’re constantly striving for the end results of things then that kind of defeats the purpose, I think.I don’t know if there is a purpose to living, but if you can’t fill the lines with color then you just have black and white, and black and white t.v. is dead, baby. We gotta get the color in.”


[Communicator] Have you ever felt like you screwed up?

“Yeah,  a lot of times”

[Communicator] “What do you think was the biggest?”

“I don’t know. Um, I dicked around a lot my Freshman year, so I’m still trying to make up for that. Nothing too major just little shit here and there.

[Communicator] “Whats your motto in life?”

“Don’t fuck up”


[Communicator] “What was the biggest cultural shock while you were overseas in the Marines?”

[Right] Culture shock? Mostly just being careful not to, I don’t know, criticize the other, their culture, you got to be really careful about what you say.”