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Faces in Fort Wayne: Skatepark Series


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Written by: Communicator StaffJune 18, 2014

The Communicator headed to the Lawton skate park for this week. We had a great time! Collected here are what some of the citizens in Fort Wayne at Lawton are thinking and talking about.


“You can, like, resolve, like, fights and stuff with, like, morals. Like, you can talk it out and stuff without getting all physical. We’re both pacifists. I think violence corrupts moral society right now. So many people fight and whatnot right now it just ruins it…. I think that, like, how people say you should take away guns and stuff right now– I don’t believe in that. But, I think that there should be limit restrictions on how many guns you can personally own…. I think you should have your self defense, not even just a person breaking into your home, but like a rabid animal, and you have kids… because I used to live in the country and I had to shoot a coyote once.”


[Communicator] “Are you in school?”


“Nah, screw school I left school in third grade when my teacher told me I was too retarded to read. I was homeschooled until sixth when my parents stopped because the homeschooling was coming in between our emotional bond. So, they figured that it was better to unschool and keep the connection than continue homeschooling and lose all love… and then for five years later I went to college… one semester of theater but I told everyone my major was bowling and my minor was loitering.”


“Our youth suck these days. Technology is so bad. I literally had to teach the kids there [Boy Scouts] how to play kickball. Like, do you know how ridiculous that is?.. My friends and I grew up here skating and we’re, like, 19-20, in that range, and these kids are smoking cigarettes and getting pregnant. It’s just not unheard of now and it was then….When I was in eighth grade it was like Oh, I just kissed this girl.  Now it’s like Oh, they are [whispers] you know, fucking.




 I am there when people need me to be there.
[Communicator] Does it ever get tiring to always be that friend?
No, never.


[Communicator] What do you want to be when you grow up?

“A scientist!”

[Communicator] What kind of scientist?

“I can tell you about the scientist that make potions.”

[Communicator] What kind of potion do you want to make?

“Uh, a Bigfoot potion that makes a Big Foot.”