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Three Rivers Festival


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 01, 2014

The Three Rivers Festival is a popular Fort Wayne tradition that brings people out from all corners of the area.  We discovered a wide array of eclectic and eccentric characters here in Fort Wayne and we’re super excited to show you!



“…I am the first straight-legged h***** midget in the world to call Satan’s bluff…. Satan’s a bitch…. Cheatin’ death since August 2, 2007… Satan’s worst nightmare…


[Communicator] So are you uh? You’re uh? Uh?—


“I ain’t affiliate to no m***** f***** church….. church is the one f**** the shit up. I am a First Century Christian… Christ saved my life with my heart out of my chest.”




[Communicator] “How did he save your life?”



“Well, I didn’t have no f***** operation. I got hurt my an ambulance driver. They took me to hospital,  x-rayed me twice, told me that there wasn’t nothin’ wrong with me and sent me home to die. The didn’t count of Jesus Christ to keep me alive. Christ let me know that he loved me 11-11-98 – [looks up] Ain’t that right brother Jesus? — I was an Atheist 42 years, broken hearted that I had turned my back on him all that time, So I went to church, I listened to all their bull****, thought you had to be good for Christ love you. I got a divorce. Well first of all when I went to church they gave me that bulls*** about the trendy theology about Christ being God himself. I knew there was something wrong. I prayed to Jesus Christ to give me the idea of what to do. I went to the library and it led me right to the answer….. I call Satan it, not him. It ain’t nothing but the world’s first prison b****, a full retard….All our Father in heaven ever needed was one straight-legged h***** midget lookin’ like a shaved monkey to call his bluff.


“I’m a semi-driver… “


[Communicator] What is the best part of being a semi-driver?


“See a lot of people, a lot of places…Well, it’s a little freer lifestyle. You don’t have a 9-5…no boss, nothing. It gives you something to do, you go do it and then you’re done…”


[Communicator] “What do you do to pass the time while you drive long distances?”


“I never really thought about it, actually…. I feel like a tourist a lot of times rubberneckin’ out the window.. I do a lot of listening to music… other than when you’re driving it’s more of a distraction– you gotta watch out for people like you guys! People with cars [laughs].”


[Communicator] “What were you doing before?”


“Well, I’ve done construction, build house. I’ve, uh, 16-and-a-half years in the service. I don’t know. I guess roaming around freely my whole life.”


[Communicator] “Do you have any family?”


“Well, they’re all grown now so I really don’t have anything keeping me in one place or tied to one place.”


[Communicator] “Do you prefer that?”


“Well, I’m sure I’ll stop roaming around, but for now it’s okay. I’m good.”



[After interview asks for a card with the link to the website. I apologize for it being a bit worn and wrinkly from sitting in my purse to which he, with a  laugh, responds “Well, so is life.”]


[left] “We’re Bronies.”


[Communicator] What is that?


“We are male or female fans of the show My  Little Pony…it’s basically all over the world. It promotes peace and harmony.”



[right] “And we also stick up for each other and have each other’s back…. We hang out at the Downtown library.”


[Communicator] “Do you guys go to conventions?”


[right] “Yes. They have them around….it is just about sticking up for each other and having fun–”


[left] “–And not caring about each other’s differences



Communicator] “What is your one best characteristic?”


[long pause and laugh]


“I’ve, like, never been afraid to be who I am, I guess. I mean, I have blue hair. In middle school I used  to get a lot of stupid stuff for it, but now I don’t care.”




[Communicator] “What scares you the most about the future?”


[right] “I’d just say the unknown. Not knowing what you’re doing or what you want to do with your life after school.”


[left] “I’d probably say the same thing,–not being successful.”


[Communicator] “What is success to you?”


Interviews by: Logan Hursh