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Faces in Fort Wayne: Week Three


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Written by: Communicator StaffJune 04, 2014

Welcome back, folks. We are excited about week three of Faces in Fort Wayne and we hope that you are too! Our mission is as it’s always been to connect you with the people in the city in an intimate and candid portrayal of those who live, work, love, survive, try, and succeed in the city we call home. Hope you enjoy!



[Communicator] What was your time there like?
“At IPFW? It was a short one. It lasted a year. I was a chemistry major. I ended up spending a bunch of time down a, uh, I spent four years on a two year degree. It worked out. I changed majors. I started out as a chemical engineering major and it was Dean’s list, Dean’s list, academic probation. Okay? So then it was a chemistry major and it was Dean’s list, academic probation. It turns out I’m bipolar. So when we got medication to solve things I got a degree in data processing…..”


“She’s the talker, not me.”
“I don’t know he’s a talker too.”


“I was in Jackson, Tennessee….I grew up in Warsaw and then the Journal Gazette actually called me for a position here and that’s how I ended up back in Fort Wayne, actually…I was actually an art major and then I accidentally fell into photojournalism and I loved it.”


(Communicator) “What do you love about Fort Wayne?”

 (left) “My favorite part of the city is the potential that it has”

 (right) “There’s a noticeable expansion in Fort Wayne. There are a lot of businesses branching out.”

 (left) “It’s really turning into kind of an artsy community…We like to go out and go to bars and stuff to meet new people and drink…People have an idea of what Fort Wayne is in their heads and it’s fun to go out and find people who break that stereotype.”

(Communicator) “What is your least favorite thing about Fort Wayne?”

(left) “I think my least favorite thing about Fort Wayne is the limitations that people set on it by, like, themselves”

 (right) “Yeah.”

 (left) “They just assume that it is just a small Indiana town. That there is nothing worth investing in, like, either financially or, like, emotionally, I guess…The summer is the best part for the city. There is always so much going on every weekend”

 (right) “I would agree that it’s the stigma about Fort Wayne, that it’s not, like, you know, Indianapolis or its not, you know, like. a big city”

 (left) “And I find that people who like think that most of the time are, like, people who are, like, from here or live here, and they just want nothing more than to, like, get out of Fort Wayne and move to, like, Indy or Chicago.”

 (right) “And those are also the same people that I find that don’t look around and explore”


(Center right) “I want to go somewhere and start new. I don’t really care where it is.”