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Faces in Fort Wayne

cover photo

Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

cover photo
Written by: Communicator StaffMay 21, 2014

The Communicator is proud to launch a new weekly series, Faces in Fort Wayne, which aims to connect you, the reader, with the Fort Wayne community.

Through a series of candid photographs and conversation we hope to portray an intimate depiction of those who work, survive, play, love, try, fail, succeed and live in the city we call home.


(right) “I like Fort Wayne”
(Communicator) “How long have you been here?”
“I already spent one week– this is my last week before I go back to Germany.”
“What do you think of it?”
“It’s cute. Everyone is very friendly.”
“What’s the biggest difference between Fort Wayne and Germany?”
“Everything. You buy all the things in very big sizes and we all always have the small sizes. So yeah, for example over there, [points to parking meter] but normally you can pay with credit cards in parking – we don’t have that in Germany. We use a lot more cash and you have to go very far away and you don’t have to walk so many distances.”
“What has been the biggest cultural shock between here and there?”
“You have a lot of homeless people we don’t have that in Germany because of the social society we have and yeah, that’s pretty bad, but–”
(left) “–I’ve noticed that compared to Milwaukee as well. A lot of smaller cities have a lot more homeless people. You go to the suburbs in Milwaukee and you don’t see that. I don’t know if it’s purely economical standards and the types of cities, because I come from a pretty good area, so yeah, I don’t know… because Milwaukee is a bigger city maybe it’s easier to get a job there and harder to get one here. It could definitely be that.”

(Communicator) “How long have you been here?”
(far left) “All my life, except last summer I went to California.”
“Why did you go to California?”
“’Cos I’m homeless…”
“Are you still?”
“Yeah I’ve been homeless since I was fourteen.”
“Where do you stay?”
“Outside. I just walk everywhere.”
“Where do you sleep?”
Sometimes my friends house and, like, try to couch surf.”
“How old are you?”
“Nineteen…so I’ve been homeless for, like, five-and-a-half years now.”
“Where is your family?”
“I have no idea. I haven’t seen my mom or dad since I was fourteen. They dipped out…I was thinking about going to Ivy Tech for General Studies and then transferring out later…but I don’t have an address, or a house, or a car.”


(left) “Oh, we’re past the honeymoon phase. We’re definitely past that.”
‘What do you guys fight about?”
(right) “Stupid stuff.”
(left) “Oh, you’re getting Jerry Springer on us.”
“How do you work it out?”
(left) “We just discuss it. She knows I don’t hold back. If I don’t say something it’s because it doesn’t bug me, but if I say something we discuss it.”


“Do you have a second?”
[holds up cigarette] “I have this many seconds.”

“What is your favorite thing about Fort Wayne?”
“I’ve been here too long. I don’t know. It’s a pretty nice town.”


(far left) “I don’t like the violence here”
“Have you experienced a lot of violence?”
“Yeah. The worst was probably hearing a gunshot and then finding out it was my cousin that got shot.”


edit2(Communicator)”How do you two know each other?”
“We dated for a bit and then we became friends.”
“And then I got her a job at where I just got fired from.”