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Faces Of Fort Wayne Week 6

Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0037

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Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0037
Written by: Communicator StaffJune 25, 2014

Week six of Faces Of Fort Wayne is here!

We got back out on the streets of downtown Fort Wayne to give you some great insight to the people of Downtown!


“I travelled all over the west. I just got back into town last Friday…”

[Communicator] “From where?”

Like I said all over.. just traveling….

[Communicator] What advice would you give to someone who wants to travel, but

doesn’t necessarily have the means to?

“Like me I just got out there and started walking six or seven miles, get a ride….not

really much danger in it really.”

Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0021

“I was in the Navy. I was in a machinery repair man. I made it to E5 then I went to

reserve duty and they made me E4.”

[Communicator]: Why did they make you E4?

“Because they didn’t think I needed my rank anymore. So, they kind of were

like ‘you don’t need your rank anymore so we’re just gonna kinna take it back. We’ll

give it back to you maybe, maybe if you go back to duty again’…military is not too

bad, but there’s little things that are kind of difficult.

[Communicator] What were some of your best and worst experiences in the Navy?

“My best experience was actually when I ended up going to Chicago and after that I

ended up trying to go for Navy diver because I did my boot camp there. And then I

ended up going out to Oregon also and I ended up hurting myself so I had to go back

went back to Chicago. So it was also the worst too because I ended having to do the

thing I was trying not to do because I was trying to get out of the machinery repair

man job and be a Navy diver. In essence it was the best and worst thing because I

got to have a lot of awesome experiences in Chicago.”




[Communicator]: “You were sitting here when Google maps drove by? How long

have you been on Google Maps?”

“I don’t know the UPS guy told us about it. He said he saw us on there. “

“He said his wife had to come down here and he did the little address and said ‘you

guys are sittin’ on the bench out front.’”


Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0037

[Communicator]: What would you say to someone like you who wasn’t from here

and moved here?

“I’d say just make friends. Just try to fit in.”


Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0015

[Communicator]: Are you two together?

[man]“We’re walking in the same direction.”


Faces of Fort Wayne Week 6_0006

Going on a date – just waiting for her to show up.




[Communicator]: Do you guys have an I.D.?…

[Communicator]: I have an I.D. card, is that okay?

“Yeah that’s perfect. I just want to make sure before we do this.”