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Faces in Fort Wayne: Downtown

portraiture week 1-3324

Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

portraiture week 1-3324
Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 05, 2014

portraiture week 1-3355


“I live in the best country in the world, and it was an honor to serve this country and defend it. I have nothing to say about the VA it took good care of me. It was an honor.”

[Communicator]: What are your thoughts on the nations involvement overseas?

“I think we ought to mind our own business in a lot of cases, but, you know, we can’t cure the world’s problems by intervening and bombing, but, uh, there are cases, there’s people out there that want nothing but bad for this country and, uh, so we live here we want it to be a safe place and we want to keep it that way and [there are] people that have other ideas and intentions. They need to be quelled, so to speak.

[Communicator: Anything else that you would like to add?]

“We’re fortunate to live here. It’s not perfect, but I was proud to serve. I like living here. I’ve lived in other countries and this is where I’d want to be.”


portraiture week 1-3324


[Communicator]: What is something about yourself most people might not know?

“I’m a very caring person. I like helping people.”

[Communicator]: What do the tattoos are your arm mean?

“This one symbolizes the Lord is coming back. This one here symbolizes there’s life after death.

[Communicator]: Are you a religious man.

“A little bit. Yes. I’m thinking of the Lord right now….he’s a very powerful man. There’s only one like him in the world.”

[Communicator]: How has faith helped you?

“Faith has helped me a lot. I have done a lot of drugs and alcohol in my life and since I turned myself over the the Lord I don’t do that kind of stuff anymore.”

[Communicator]: You’re clean?

*smiles wide* “I am clean.”

[Communicator]: Was it difficult to get clean?

“Oh yes, I was on cocaine and meth and that kind of stuff.”

[Communicator]: How long have you been clean?

“Oh, about 9 moths. I’m still not completely, but I’m well on my well.”

[Communicator]: Congratulations!

“Thank you. I am so happy!”

[Communicator]: If you don’t mind me asking what go you into that stuff?

“I was abused as a child…I was shit from one end to another end.”


portraiture week 1-3273


[Communicator]: Why is creativity important to you?

“Man that’s a tough question. Why is creativity important? I think it’s an important factor in getting ahead places, getting innovative. It’s a great way to express uniqueness in an individual, I think…. it’s important to stand out from everybody and stand for your own ideas and break away from conformity as much as possible.”

By: Logan Hursh