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Faculty Call for Reinstatement of Programs

Written by: Mikaela ConleyNovember 10, 2016

IPFW faculty stood up to campus administration and 4-year Chancellor Vicky Carwein Oct. 28 with an open letter entitled “A Faculty Notice of No Confidence on Chancellor Carwein.”

The letter stated that Carwein has not successfully advocated or the interests of the campus and ultimately calls for her resignation, saying that the university, city, and region will benefit from a new chancellor who can follow the goals outlined in the 2014-2020 strategic plan and preserve the mission of the comprehensive university.

“As tenured faculty, we have deep ties to this institution, our community, and our students,” the letter said. “We want better for the people of northeast Indiana than we believe Chancellor Carwein has the abilities, both as an administrator and a leader to deliver.”

But it wasn’t enough.

Students, faculty, staff and community members are clearly upset by the latest USAP recommendations to restructure multiple departments, suspend the French and German programs, and eliminate the Women’s Studies, Geology and Philosophy programs. And it doesn’t look like they are going to back down.

Their next swing at the administration comes as a memorandum, which is expected to be discussed at the Nov. 14 meeting of the Fort Wayne Senate. Penned Oct. 17 by Steven Carr, interim chair of the Communication Department, the memorandum calls for a reinstatement of all academic degree programs.

The memorandum states, “BE IT RESOLVED, that the Senate urge reinstatement, effective immediately, of all undergraduate and graduate degree programs or majors suspended or eliminated beginning in 1 July 2016 and forward where faculty did not initiate a recommendation, or did not assume a prominent role in decisions leading to these suspensions and eliminations.”

Furthermore, any further action by the administration, Presidents, and Boards of Trustees of Indiana and Purdue University should be include public financial statements and come with a 30-day period to allow analysis of the action.

“I’m not entirely sure what the impact will be, but if faculty don’t exercise our rights as outlined in the Senate Constitution and Bylaws, then we’ll definitely never know what the impact would be, if there was hope, or if this can really cause change,” Carr said in an email.