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Fluid in E-Cigarettes Potentially Lethal


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Written by: Communicator StaffMarch 27, 2014

The e-liquids in e-cigarettes have been found to be lethally toxic if people come in direct contact with them.

Pure nicotine has already been found very dangerous in any dosage, and it seems the same holds true for the fluids in an e-cigarette. When used improperly, there is a danger of rupturing the e-cigarette and poisoning the user.

Though the product will not cause cancer like normal cigarettes or pose any threat unless the e-liquids emerge, e-cigarettes are potentially more deadly than their tobacco-based cousins. The fluids can be absorbed much faster and cause an almost instantaneous reaction.

Because children have displayed an interest in e-cigarettes, this problem becomes all the more striking. For more information, see the article on The State Column website.