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Fort Wayne Community Schools Announces Cuts to Bus Transportation

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 10, 2014

Tessa Garner

Fort Wayne Community Schools announced cuts to their bus transportation Monday night for the upcoming school year.

Julie Logsdon, supervisor of driver operations at FWCS, said the cuts are due to property tax caps that affected the annual budget for FWCS. Jennifer Nycum, a FWCS parent and employee, said when they had initially talked about the property tax cap, there was concern about how further down the road it would have an impact.

“They are going back to our original policy which was, students that go to high school that live within a two mile radius are not longer going to receive bus service,” said Logsdon. “That is the way that it used to be, so we are really just reinforcing what the policy has been all along.”

Middle school students living within a mile and a half and elementary school students living within one mile of their school will no longer receive bus service.

“I think it is going to be a big change,” said Logsdon. “It will affect some schools more than others, and is definitely going to affect some students more than others. We transport a lot of kids that live just blocks from the school, but they might be by a busy street.”

Nycum said when they made the decision to cut bus routes she was not surprised.

“Maybe a third of our kids are already either walkers or car riders. I don’t think it will be an issue for the kids that ride the bus. I think that they live far enough away,” Nycum said.

Nycum said she does not anticipate it being a tough transition for the school that she works at, but that there are going to be some families that do not agree with it because they do not want their kids to walk the distance to school.

“I personally think that it is not going to hurt the kids to walk to school. A mile is not that far, and if anything it is exercise,” Nycum said.

“We have gotten away from letting our children walk back and forth from school,” said Logsdon, “It is good for them. It teaches them responsibility and it is good exercise.”

Logsdon said parents will be receiving information as to whether they will have transportation for the upcoming school year by the end of December.