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Fort Wayne Escape Room Aims to Raise Money for Local Recreation Programs

Many props are featured in the different escape rooms.

Photo credit: Mikaela Conley

Many props are featured in the different escape rooms.
Written by: Mikaela ConleySeptember 30, 2015

“The people that don’t work together, don’t get out,” IPFW alumni Corey Ford, the president and CEO of Sport Wayne Inc, said, about the new Fort Wayne Escape Room, opening downtown Fort Wayne Oct. 10.

As Sport Wayne Inc, the non-profit behind the Indiana Sports Festival and The Fort Wayne Adventure Games, grew, Ford realized the need for their business to buy office space.

“We ended up finding office space with a lot of extra square footage, so we started brainstorming, ‘how can we raise money?” Ford said.

Ford remembered back to his honeymoon, where he and his wife tried an escape room, and he too, ran with the idea.


Corey Ford is the talent behind both Sport Wayne Inc. and The Fort Wayne Escape Room.

“The more people who come to the escape rooms the more we can expand our mission of promoting Fort Wayne as a destination for youth recreation and adaptive sports programs,” he said.

While the rooms are a fundraiser for Sport Wayne, Inc, they are also geared towards encouraging team and group work.

Ford said, “It is an awesome way to bond groups of people and it also works as an icebreaker for new groups. Because you go in there and you have to communicate effectively, use critical thinking, problem solving, and it’s all under pressure because there is a big clock above your head and you only have an hour to figure out all the clues and puzzles.”

The rooms are done in groups of six to eight individuals, and individuals can also come alone or as a couple and go through the room with strangers.

Two rooms, Blackbeard’s Revenge and Patient Zero, will be opened on October 10, and another room, Uncharted, is expected to open in 2016. If the response is positive there are also four additional rooms, including a large basement that could be opened in the future.

“Each room has an epic story, adventure that you will learn as you go,” Ford said.

The escape room will be open Wednesday- Thursday, 5-9:30 p.m., Friday 5-11:30 p.m. and Saturday 12:00- 11:30 p.m.

The rooms cost $20/ person.