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Fort Wayne Pinball Hosts Women’s Tournaments

Female players of all ages are welcome to play at Fort Wayne Pinball's women's only event March 3.

Photo credit: Mike Burgess

Female players of all ages are welcome to play at Fort Wayne Pinball's women's only event March 3.
Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 27, 2018

Written by: Emily Anderson

Fort Wayne Pinball, located at 14613 Lima Road, will host a women’s only tournament at 1 p.m. March 3. It will cost $6 to compete, which doesn’t include the quarters for the machines at each game.

“This is the first ever women’s only event in the State of Indiana,” said Mike Burgess of Fort Wayne Pinball. “Pinball is becoming popular again. Tourney’s started in the early 1990s before dying off and then coming back in the early 2000s. The majority of machines in public use are a minimum of 20 years old.”

Female players of all ages and skill levels are welcome to play. The tournament will be three strikes knockout style. From the $6 entry fee, $5 covers entry and will be pooled and awarded to the top four players. The other dollar of the fee will be forwarded to International Flipper Pinball Association.

Although pinball is increasing in popularity, and Fort Wayne is leading the state in attendance, women only make up about five percent of all tournament players, according to IFPA. Burgess said this statistic is part of the reasons Fort Wayne Pinball began women’s tournaments. Fort Wayne Pinball has also recently become a sponsor of the Women’s World Championship.

The 11 planned Fort Wayne Pinball events are expected to draw female players from Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

“To earn points in the world rankings, tournaments have to be open for everyone. However, IFPA is trying to grow the number of women players and have eight wild card spots available for the top women only players for the Women’s World Championship,” Burgess said.

There are beverages available for purchase at Fort Wayne Pinball and Burgess said outside food is welcome.