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Fort Wayne’s Haunted History


Photo credit: ARCH

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Written by: Samantha WhitingOctober 10, 2014

Fort Wayne citizens have the opportunity to engage in multiple haunted tours led by local actors of the historical downtown area.  These tours are being offered by Architecture & Community Heritage, or ARCH, at various dates and times on Saturdays throughout October.

The three different tours offered each feature different areas of downtown Fort Wayne and take participants to sites of murders, hangings, ghosts, robbers, and deaths. Each tour is led by a local actor dressed up in costume, and lasts for one to one and one-half hours.

Lori Graf, ARCH Program Specialist, talked about how the tours are both historically informative and entertaining. “It’s one thing to read a story in a book, but completely different to be in the location.”

Graf spends time researching possible locations to include in the tours by going through old newspapers and listening for stories of hauntings. Graf quotes: “I really like the Murder, Mystery, & Mayhem tour, and it seems to be the most popular,”

Tickets are available on ARCH’s web site and range from $10-$15. Different tours are available at various dates and times, which can also be found on the web site. Some tours are not recommended for children due to the gruesome events that are discussed throughout the tours.