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Fresh Thyme Hosts Live Music


Photo credit: Provided by Mathis Grey

Written by: adminDecember 07, 2016

By: Joshua Storrs

Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market will host folk-rock singer/songwriter Mathis Grey on December 17 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. as part of its monthly customer appreciation day.

Grey, a Fort Wayne native,  travels all over the country and has had his music featured on “E! News”  and the soap opera “One Life to Live.”

Fresh Thyme has always focused on community involvement, said Michelle Byrd, key manager in charge of marketing at the company

“We do a lot of giving and sponsoring of events,” Byrd said. “Part of it is getting local musicians in and creating an event that’s not just for shopping, but for people that want to come and be entertained.”

While he has played in other retail environments such as bookstores, Mathis Grey was still unsure about playing at a grocery store.

“But I was like, ‘Might as well go for it!’” Grey said. “I mean nothing to lose. I get to play and I’m in my home town.”

Rebecca Stephens, the store director for the Fort Wayne Fresh Thyme, said she hopes Grey will help widen the store’s range of musical acts.

“[Music] has been part of our history since we opened,” Stephens said. “Dan Smith has been a regular person. We have Secret Mezzanine scheduled in March. So we’re getting some diversity in who’s playing and having fun.”

Byrd said she discovered Mathis Grey through the radio show, “Meet the Music,” on WBOI.

“I liked his style and I thought he’d be a good person to come into our store and he might have fun with our customers and they would have fun with what he’s doing,” Byrd said.

Grey said he has slowed down his touring schedule this year as he is currently working on writing new music.

“I just came back from Nashville a few weeks ago and did shows there” Grey said. “I try to get somewhere at least once a month, but if I’m writing new stuff it’s a different story.”

The album Grey is currently working on is titled “Loud and Clear” and he hopes to have it released by February or March 2017.

Fresh Thyme is hoping to expand its events into their parking lot once the weather warms up, with plans for a blood drive and a grill-off next spring, said both Byrd and Stephens.