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Photo credit: Bob Lang, 1982

Written by: Communicator StaffMay 07, 2014

When looking for inspiration, it’s usually best to look at the masters who’ve gone before. Here at The Communicator, that meant digging through the illustration archives to see just what kind of legacy this newest comic issue had to live up to.

Bob Lang, who has gone on to work as an editorial cartoonist for CNN and have his illustrations printed in publications like The Washington Times and Insight Magazine, got his start doing editorial and political cartoons with The Communicator in the 80s. His work as a contributor during that time spans topics from student elections to the IPFW name change debate, and cultural trends to the age old gripe about Indiana weather. What this comic from 1982 shows is that times may change, but being a college student carries many of the same concerns from generation to generation.

For more recent work from this alum, visit RighToons.com.