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German Government Plans Mandated Quotas for Women in Boardrooms

Written by: Communicator StaffNovember 27, 2014

Sean Godfroy

The coalition government of Germany has announced plans for legislation to create mandates for the equality of women. These mandates will require at least 30 percent of non-executive members of supervisory boards to be women in over 100 German companies. At present, women fill about 22 percent of these roles. Furthermore, if there simply aren’t enough women to fill the correct number of seats, then those seats will remain vacant until a woman can fill them. German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes this sanction will be more effective than fines as companies rely heavily on effective staff boards. The bill is believed to be almost certain to pass Germany’s parliament and will take effect in 2016. If this measure is adopted, Germany will be the ninth European country to implement quotas for women equality.