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Help Save Your Voice on Campus


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Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 14, 2013

In our Jan. 30 issue, we warned that the publication is struggling financially. As our board of directors estimated, we would be down about $13,000 in May. That news has been painful for us to receive – The Communicator is nearly as old as the school itself, and the staff is trying to gain necessary experience that we can’t yet get from IPFW.

As we said previously, we are going to try as hard as possible to raise the funds needed to keep our doors open through the year, hopefully buying us enough time to come to a more long-term agreement with the university. Since, we have had talks with many community members regarding possible sponsorship, sent letters of support from journalistic leaders throughout the state to Chancellor Vicky Carwein, which asked for university action to be taken, and have decided to cut a couple issues from our typical print run to save on printing costs. After this issue, we will not print until March 27.

But we are not nearly at an end.

We need your support. We exist to provide a unified campus voice – your voice – and it’s time for you to decide if you want to have that opportunity. We think you’re important, and we want to document the history made at IPFW in part by you. We are the only newspaper that focuses on IPFW and the culture surrounding this campus, telling the story through the experiences of students and faculty. We told the story of transgender youth on campus and the struggles they face. We documented the first-ever wheelchair basketball team as they went to play their first game. We focused on club sports. We watched students make movies, play Dagorhir, travel overseas, prepare to put on a play and get arrested. We told your stories because we think they’re important. We’ve been doing that since 1969, and we don’t want to see that stop.

Of course, we have a donation button, but we aren’t asking for your money – paying tuition is hard enough. But, if you could share our story with others, write us a letter or otherwise support your campus voice, it would be much appreciated by the staff.