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Hockey Team Ends Season

IPFW hockey  player and assistant team captain, Brendan Lewis, plays in Detroit for outdoor winter recess..

Photo credit: Terry Lewis

IPFW hockey  player and assistant team captain, Brendan Lewis, plays in Detroit for outdoor winter recess..
Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 16, 2017

“The thrill of being out there is like a roller coaster,” said Derek Moss, the captain of IPFW’s hockey team. “Out there pucks are flying–people getting hit. It’s dangerous but worth it.”

For some students at IPFW, hockey is all they know, Moss said.

He said many of his teammates have been playing for over ten years and could not imagine life without it.

Hockey is a club sport offered at IPFW. All players are IPFW students enrolled in a minimum of nine credit hours for undergraduate students or six credit hours for graduate students.

Players are chosen through an open tryout and must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher.

One of the goals of the club is to, “give college students an opportunity to be a member of a team while pursuing their degree,” according to ipfw.edu.

Moss said IPFW hockey club truly embodies this team-like atmosphere through the deep bond the players share.

“We are like brothers,” Moss said. “And do everything together from team dinners to fundraisers.”

Overall, it has been a good season for the team, Moss said. They finished 17-12.

The team was  on an eight-game winning streak until Feb. 4 when they fell short to the Lawrence Tech Blue Devils 9-1.

This was their longest winning streak ever, Moss said

The IPFW hockey club is a member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association and plays against other ACHA college teams.

The team recently competed in the annual Indiana Collegiate Hockey Conference in Fort Wayne Feb. 10-11.

IPFW hockey has been competing in the conference since it was first established in 2014.

Their first year in the ICHC IPFW hockey took first place in the conference but has not won since.

Six teams competed in the conference: IU, Purdue, IPFW, Xavier, Butler and Ball State. IPFW was ranked third among the six.

Their first game of the conference was against Xavier at 8 p.m. Feb. 10. The team defeated Xavier 11-1 in this home game.

After taking the victory over Xavier, the Mastodons lost to IU 9-3 in the ICHC championship.

The team played well overall, but IU got a couple of power plays and pulled ahead during the second period Moss said.

The hockey season is now over for the current year, but most of the team will be coming back to play next year.