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Injury Causes Concern for Player Safety in Club Sports

Written by: Sean O'LearyOctober 10, 2014

Paramedics took Michigan-Flint forward Jared Coulter off the ice after colliding headfirst into the boards during the Oct. 4 game against the Mastodons.

After one of the IPFW hockey club’s players delivered a strong hit against him, Coulter collided against the boards behind the Mastodons’ net and remained lying down on the ice. On account of the absence of a trainer, Coulter remained on the ice for 20 minutes before paramedics were able to arrive and take him out on a stretcher.

“This could have happened to one of our guys,” IPFW senior and former IPFW hockey player Josh Sellden said.

Assistant coach David Rose explained that while a serious injury like this does not happen often, it would help to have somebody on staff who is trained and certified for these events.

“I would really appreciate if we could get somebody as a trainer from the school. I’m first-aid trained so I take on the responsibility as a trainer. But, when it comes to a serious injury like this, my hands are kind of tied,” Rose said.

According to Athletic Director Kelley Hartley Hutton, no one has approached her in regards to assistance with medical resources. Hutton added that “the resources are slim.”

Each student-athlete in club sports is required to sign a waiver stating that they “acknowledge that participating in the above noted club-sports activity involves certain risks (some of which I may not fully appreciate) and that injuries, death, property damage, or other harm could occur to me or others.”