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IPFW Artists Inspired to Capture Italia in Visual Arts Gallery

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Photo credit: IPFW

Picture 1
Written by: Communicator StaffSeptember 12, 2013

A collection of artwork is currently being displayed in the Visual Arts Gallery depicting the travels of many students and teachers who had a chance to study abroad in Italy. The cities they visited became inspirations to the travelers as they captured what they saw with pens and crayon. This exhibit, Catturando Italia (Capturing Italy), features many pieces of art displaying architecture and statues from across Italy.

“The [“View of Florence from the Boboli Gardens”] captures one of my favorite sites in the world– the panorama of Florence,” said Professor Ganz, as he recollected his experiences.

“Every time I now look at the piece, it takes me back to that place and the wonderful feelings it evokes. To walk into Florence is to walk into a rich history that is beautifully and continuously illustrated before one’s eyes.”

But Florence is not the only city the group visited. They also travelled to Rome and Venice. Each city, with its own beauty, has been recreated by these artists and hung in the Visual Arts Gallery for the public. Their work offers an insight into the beauties of the Renaissance time period.

The free exhibition is open until September 29, 2013 for anyone who is interested in viewing the artwork.

Story by: Maggie Billman