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IPFW Explores More Options for Neil deGrasse Tyson Lecture


Photo credit: Courtesy of IPFW

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Written by: Samantha WhitingOctober 08, 2014

IPFW will be offering about 250 tickets for those on the waiting list to attend a live video feed of the Neil deGrasse Tyson lecture in the Rhinehart Recital Hall on Oct. 21 at 7:30 p.m.

John Kaufeld, IPFW Chief Communications Director, said that the box office will simply go through the wait list names and make phone calls to have people claim the tickets. The decision was made to create the overflow room after all of the free tickets were claimed within the first 45 minutes on Sept. 29.

Another option for people who did not get a ticket to the main lecture, is to be on standby on the day of the event to get tickets that are given up or not claimed. The people in line for standby will get the extra tickets to the main lecture on a first come-first serve basis, and therefore are not guaranteed a ticket. The tickets being offered to the wait list for the live video are guaranteed, however, you cannot have a ticket for the overflow room if you plan to be on standby.

Kaufeld said that if tickets are still available after the waiting list has been satisfied, they will then make a decision of what to do with the remaining tickets.

There was negative feedback from the community regarding the original ticket distribution. Many thought that the maximum number of tickets was set too high at six, and others were confused about the time and dates that tickets were to go on sale. IPFW stated on their Facebook page, “We let you down on Monday and we’re very sorry about that. But we’re learning from what happened, so we’ll do better next time.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist with a bachelor’s in physics from Harvard University and a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Columbia University. Tyson is currently a research associate at the American Museum of Natural History and the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space. He also has appeared on television as the host of NOVA ScienceNow on PBS, and FOX’s reimagined Cosmos series.