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IPFW Father and Working Student-Athlete to Graduate

03-23 vs NDSU Aaron Suozzi (153)

Photo credit: Derrick Sloboda

03-23 vs NDSU Aaron Suozzi (153)
Written by: Communicator StaffApril 21, 2018

Written By: Emily Anderson

It is not rare for a college student to have a job while in school, but for Dylan Wilbert, a job has only been one of his responsibilities over the past four years. Wilbert, a transfer student from Walla Walla, a junior college in Washington, is a new father and employee at Apex Wireless in addition to being a full-time student at IPFW and Mastodon baseball player. Wilbert will graduate in August with a bachelor’s degree in business marketing.

“My time management skills were okay in high school, everything is sort of timed out for you in high school, though,” said Wilbert, “So, when I got to college, I quickly learned the latest I could possibly leave for things and still be on time. But, now, with a child I have to block out a little more of my time to get things done.”

Wilbert, who is from Washington, and his girlfriend, Taylor, who is from Idaho, have managed to balance work, parenting, collegiate sports and school since March 2017 when their daughter was born. Taylor works night shift in order to avoid the need for a babysitter, is not currently enrolled in school, but plans to attend cosmetology school after Wilbert graduates.

Wilbert is a catcher on the baseball team and has been playing baseball for over 15 years. He said that playing Division I baseball was always his goal, so when he was offered a scholarship to play at IPFW, the choice was easy.

Robert Pierce, the head baseball coach at IPFW, said that it has been very rewarding to watch Wilbert rise to the challenge of being a father, provide for his family financially, work hard to get his education and compete and experience success at the Division I level all at the same time.

“The most rewarding part of college has definitely been the friends that I have made with the guys on the team and the people I work with. It will make it very difficult to move back home,” said Wilbert. “The most difficult part of this year has simply been my sporadic schedule. I take hybrid classes, so we don’t meet everyday. Some days I work, some days I have class; it’s hard to get into a routine.”

The baseball team has 17 games left in the season. The season will not be complete until the end of May, weeks after IPFW’s commencement. After a long series of home games against Omaha on April 20 and 21, Dayton on April and South Dakota State on April 27, 28 and 29, the Mastodons will travel to Macomb, Illinois to play Western Illinois for three games on May 4, 5 and 6.

After their game in West Lafayette at Purdue on May 8, the Mastodons will travel to Fargo, North Dakota to play at North Dakota State for three games on May 11, 12 and 13. For the last away game of the season, the Mastodons travel to Muncie to play at Ball State on May 15. To wrap up the season, they’ll play three home games on May 17, 18 and 19 against Oral Roberts University from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Summit League Championship will be from May 23 to May 26 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.