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IPFW hires first female police chief


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Written by: Communicator StaffJune 03, 2014

On June 1 Julie Yunker became the first female police chief in the history of IPFW.


Yunker said that she believes that her gender has little weight to her position, but still hopes to help other women with ability feel like they have the potential to reach their goals.


“I want to help other women who have ability feel like they can do things that they aspire to I’ve had both female and male role models throughout my career… I don’t take it as a gender thing, but I’d like to represent my gender well,” Yunker said.


After serving in the military Yuker said that she had loved the structure and how an individual represents more than their selves. When her duty was over she had originally  thought that she wanted to teach, but after a series of unfolding events had found herself coming back to the idea of law enforcement.


When Yunker was a teenager living in Sturgis, Michigan, she had said that Fort Wayne had felt like a “big city” to her and she had spent a lot of time in the area.


“It kind of felt familiar I went shopping down at the mall, saw concerts at the Coliseum…”


So when a job posting in the area was available she was excited.


“I thought they might not want someone from Michigan, but I’ll still try,” Yunker said.



Yunker also said that her goal was to create a stronger sense of safety among the campus and surrounding community.


“Number one goal is constantly, and it will never change, it’s the safety of the students and faculty and staff here and also the surrounding area…safety is number one.

My second goal is make sure the officers in this department have everything they need in order to make this the safety campus possible…”
My third goal, really, is really to be a little bit collaborative with other parts of campus, because I found when I was here for the interview was that people want to see police around, people who are doing bad things don’t… but generally people want to see them around,” Yunker said.



On Tuesday, her second ‘real’ day on the job Yunker said that she likes the campus and is happy to be here.


“It’s a beautiful campus, everyone has been so friendly I’m really happy to be here honestly.”