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IPFW Hockey Club Deafeated in Narrow Loss


Photo credit: Dustin Keeslar

Written by: Sean O'LearyOctober 10, 2014

Grant Isenbarger led the IPFW hockey club with four goals in their 8-7 overtime loss on Saturday, Oct. 4 against Michigan-Flint.

After a dismal 3-0 start to the game, IPFW’s Brody Callaghan found an opportunity with a one-timer giving the Mastodons their first goal of the game with 4:34 left in the first period. Six seconds after a goal for Michigan, IPFW’s Tyler Mason rifled one past Michigan’s goalie with eight seconds left in the period, giving the Mastodons a chance heading into the second period.

Isenbarger started his point streak eight minutes into the second with his first of four goals and bringing the game within 1 point. He tied it up at 4-4 only five minutes later with his second goal of the game. Michigan responded by putting one in the back of the net. The goal was short lived after Isenbarger blasted one past Michigan’s goaltender, earning himself a hat trick and tying the game 5-5 leading into the third period.

The Mastodons took the lead when Isenbarger scored his fourth goal of the now 6-5 game. After another game-tying goal from Michigan, Mason scored his second goal of the game, earning the Mastodons a 7-6 lead. There was a 30 minute delay of game after Michigan forward Jared Coulter was sent head-first into the boards and required medical attention. The game was sent into overtime after another Michigan goal.

With 1:15 left in overtime, Michigan got the puck past IPFW goaltender Taylor Amborn to finish the game.

While the Mastodons lost both games this weekend, assistant coach David Rose remained hopeful for the season. Rose stated that the team played better defensively and didn’t allow Michigan to skate freely through the neutral zone. He added that they had emphasized playing aggressively on center ice to keep the opposing players from gaining speed through the neutral zone.

“We’re not going to change a lot that we do; we run a very simple system. But, it’s got to start with slowing people down at center ice,” Rose said.

The IPFW hockey club’s next home game is Friday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m.