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IPFW Hosts First Civics Day for High School Students


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Written by: Communicator StaffApril 23, 2014

100 students from local area high schools, such as Canterbury High School, New Tech Academy, Bellmont High School, Homestead High School, and Northrup High School, visited IPFW on April 21st to participate in IPFW’s first Civics Day.

The day started off with a question and answer segment with Indiana’s 3rd District Congressman Marlin Stutzman, then students participated in a deliberative forum, and finally took a tour of campus.

IPFW professor, Dr. Wolf, organized the event as part of a newly created class, Making Democracy Work, for which he received a grant in the fall of 2013. Part of the grant was to hold the Civics Day event as an opportunity to educate high school students about the American political system.

“The national issues forum topic is about what we can do to reform American politics. The deliberation revolved around the students offering their suggestions of what can and can’t improve the American system,” said Dr. Wolf.

IPFW students from Model United Nations and International Studies were also invited to help run the forum. Making Democracy Work students also collected research by administering a survey to the participating students.

“The idea is that people can deliberate important political issues and try and identify approaches to addressing them,” said Dr. Wolf. “The goal is to get people to talk and listen to each other about their common concerns and to provide guidance to policy makers, but also guidance to themselves in order to have a better understanding about solutions and that all solutions have their own tradeoffs. The value of having deliberation is that you get solutions from more voices which could give you solutions you wouldn’t have come up with without the group being allowed to discuss the issue openly.”

Dr. Wolf hopes to host IPFW Civics Day again in the near future, believing that the first Civics Day was a resounding success.

Story by: Muhamed Sulejmanagic