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IPFW Annual Fireworks Moved to One Summit Square


Photo credit: visitfortwayne.com

Written by: Communicator StaffMay 22, 2014

The Mayor’s Office released a statement today announcing that the annual Fourth of July fireworks, which have been held at IPFW for several years, will move this year to One Summit Square.

The show is scheduled to begin around 10 p.m., tentative upon the Tin Caps game ending. The show that would have been scheduled at Parkview Field will be combined with One Summit Square and those watching the Tin Caps game will be able to view the show from their seats.

John Kaufeld, Chief Communications Officer at IPFW, said that it was all the cities decision. For the past few years Centennial Wireless had sponsored the event, however, this year AT&T bought it out. As the contract ended IPFW, who in the past had allocated fifteen-thousand dollars into the event, said that IPFW would continue to pay for the security and grounds work, but couldn’t pay for the fireworks.

“The one thing we said the the city was this is a city fireworks display and we’ll pay for the grounds work, but we can’t pay for the fireworks too, because the fireworks by themselves forty thousand or more. So we said ‘hey city you need to find sponsors for the fireworks…’ so the upshot of all of that was the city decided that they wanted to do the fireworks downtown this year….this was the city’s decision to make and they made it,” Kaufeld said.


Story by: Logan Hursh