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IPFW Offers New Certification Program

Written by: Communicator StaffDecember 12, 2017

By: Ben Bailey

IPFW now offers a Radio Frequency and Microwave Industry-Ready Student Certification Program to all computer and electrical engineering students.

The program will provide students with certification to use and operate tools that are frequently used in the industry.

“The curriculum and labs at each university focus on the design, building, measurement, and analysis of RF/MW components to help students gain real-world understanding in design and measurement techniques,” said vice president and general manager of Keysight Todd Cutler.

IPFW engineering professor Abdullah Eroglu said that there are great benefits to having this program made available to IPFW students.

“When engineers graduate and go out and work in industry, they are expected to design, build prototypes and test their products. For this, they are expected to be familiar with tools that are used in industry. These tools are basically engineering software tools and measurement equipment,” Eroglu said in an email.

The program was made possible by a partnership that was made between IPFW and Keysight Technologies, an American electronics test manufacturer.

Currently, 15 students are enrolled in the program. These students will be immediately more attractive to employers in the field, Eroglu said.

“By partnering with them, and integrating the tools and measurement equipment as part of the curriculum based on the assigned projects makes this type of experience very valuable for our students. The experience and knowledge in these tools make them ready to work on the assigned tasks in industry with minimum training and supervision,” Eroglu said.