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IPFW Softball Team Sweeps Competition


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Written by: Communicator StaffFebruary 13, 2013

The Mastodons, after being swept in their season opener, was able to turn around and sweep the competition in their second game Feb. 10. The Dons took Iowa State 8-5 and North Dakota 6-0.

Juniors Megan Flenniken and Ashleigh Bousquet were both 4-of-7 at bat, and sophomore Miranda Kramer went 3-of-7. Bousquet and Kramer each had three runs throughout the day.

In their first game, the Dons were down 3-0 in the first three innings, and it wasn’t until the top of the fourth that Kramer was able to take a single and sophomore Dani Pugh was able to drive herself and Kramer back to home plate—the first run of the season—to bring the score up to 3-2.

Later, junior Alex Bousquet took a hit from a pitch before she was able to steal second base, putting two players in position for runs. A pass allowed sophomore Larissa Franklin to get to home base, and then Ashleigh Bousquet got a homerun scoring both herself and twin Alex.

The Dons ended the inning with seven runs and five hits.

Iowa State gained two runs in the bottom of the fifth inning, but sophomore Kayti Hanson took a walk with bases loaded to bring IPFW up to an 8-5 lead, which would hold through the game.

In the night game versus North Dakota, pitcher Flenniken was able to strike out seven players, taking a shutout for the third time in her career.

Three innings went by without a score until IPFW began the fourth with Alex Bousquet walking, followed by a single from Ashleigh Bousquet and a throwing error by North Dakota taking Alex Bousquet home. Shortly thereafter, Kramer pulled off a two-run home run, bringing the score up to 3-0.

Kramer, Ashleigh and Alex Bousquet each had back-to-back-to-back doubles beginning the sixth inning.